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Building Financial Strength For Later Life and Later Generations 

You may not be rich. But you've been wisely putting money aside for some time. Maybe not always as much as you'd like. Now you want to make these investable assets stretch as far as possible -- for your lifetime and perhaps as far as your children or grandchildren.

We want to make that happen for you. It's what drives us.

Even if you do have enough money right now, perhaps you have other simple dreams and wishes for the future that as yet are unfulfilled.

We can help you get to grips with key issues for later life, like:

  • Retirement planning, both before and after that day arrives.
  • Self-funded pensions.
  • Income-producing annuities.
  • Life insurance that delivers security for those you care about.
  • Disability insurance to help you overcome unexpected setbacks.


Our 7-Step Approach

Here's how the Guard Your Groceries goals-driven process works:

  • We get to know you and your priorities.
  • We establish the level of income you need for the rest of your life.
  • We review your existing investments and income flow.
  • We calculate the gap, if any, between what you have and what you need.
  • We agree on the goals and implement the solution.
  • We communicate regularly so you can make short-term adjustments.
  • We review your status annually to make any longer-term course adjustments.

Ready to start? Let us determine your goals and identify how you can meet them

Plan Your Retirement... So You Can Live Your Retirement